Grant Galbraith Photo Images


'I seek a simpler life'


I’m an internationally awarded photographer and have received recognition in competitions such as the:

  • 2018 Sony Alpha Awards — Winner of the Landscape Category

  • 2016 Monochrome Photography Awards — Landscapes Photographer of the Year

  • 2015 International Landscape Photographer of the Year — Long Exposure Award

  • 2018 Better Photography Awards — Gold Award and Second in the Creative Category

  • 2015 Focus Awards — Winner of the Seascape Category

  • 2016 Sony Alpha Awards — Finalist in the Nature, Landscape and Abstract categories.


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I'm in the process of moving to a new home. You can find it underway here

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I’ve recently rekindled my interest in street photography. It's also moving to my new site :)


'Profoundly moving and touching. Intense and stimulating or incisive, astute and even painful. These are the moments that can happen in an instant and are lost forever. This is where the magic of photography awaits.'